Beauty Products by Maya Jovic

Eyelashes & Lash Glue
Our 4D Mink Lashes are available in different lengths, different designs and different colours. Our Lash Glue comes in black or white and it is latex free, waterproof & long lasting.

Lip Kits
Our Lip Kits include Matte Lipstick and Lip Pencil. They are fast drying & long lasting with ingredients not to dry out your lips. They are waterproof, food proof, and drinking proof! Vegan certified, Paraben Free, & Cruelty Free. There are 10 colours to choose from:
Beach Day, Girls Night, Arabian Nights, Beautiful Rose, Love Paris, Night out in Dubai, The Desert, When in Rome, In Belgrade, and Party in Santorini.

Lip Plumpers
Available in 6 shades: Pink Explosion, Peachy, Red Bombshell, Eiffel Tower, Feeling Sexy, and Love Myself.

Our Lip Plumpers make lips plump & full, they refine lip wrinkles by activating cell viability. The lip plumpers lock lip moisture and make your lips feel fresh! Ingredients include Vitamin E & Mineral Oil.

Vegan Certified, Paraban Free & Cruelty Free!

Pair it up with our Matte Lipstick for beautiful lips all night!

Our Chapsticks are 100% made from Beeswax. 100% natural & organic. They will keep your lips moisturized all day. Available in 3 scents: Original, Vanilla and Mint.

Mascara, Eye Liner & Eyebrow Liner
Our Mascara is 4D Fibre & bendable for those hard to reach corners. It is fully waterproof and adds length and thickness to lashes.

The Eyeliners are waterproof, long lasting & bold black, and smudge proof. Packaging options come in sparkly gold, sparkly pink, or sparkly silver.

Eyebrow Liners are waterproof and have unique point pen tip for those line strokes, with an eyebrow brush on the other end to blend and keep those brows in shape. The shade is medium brown.

Our Foundation includes matching concealer in the lid. It is light yet full coverage, it’s waterproof & long lasting. It will make your face smooth & give the airbrush look!

Skincare by Maya Jovic

Foam Face Cleanser & Face Moisturizer
Our Cleanser treats acne, deep cleans the skin, cleans out pores, and brightens skins. Comes with a very soft brush attached for deep cleaning your skin while still gentle. Main ingredient is Turmeric, this cleanser is vegan certified, all natural, paragon free & cruelty free!

The moisturizer will brighten your skin complexion, it will minimize pores when used consistently, it will prevent acne and it is anti aging. Safe to use for all skin types! Main ingredient is Turmeric, it is vegan certified, all natural, paragon free & cruelty free!

Turmeric contains anti-inflammatory enzymes that can combat cell production & brighten your skin! Turmeric blocks the enzyme elastase, which attacks your skin’s ability to produce elastin which is a substance that gives your skin structure. Without elastase, your body can’t produce the proteins it needs to keep your skin flexible, leading to wrinkles!

24K Gold Serum
Our 24K Gold Face Serum is a gold fluid that’s anti-wrinkle & moisturizing. The serum brightens your skin and the gold particles lighten up your complexion. It also helps treat sun damaged skin, it prevents premature aging, and stimulates the skin cells! When used consistently, you will notice brighter skin after 1 month!

Eye Cream
This under eye cream minimizes the look of puffiness, hydrates skin, helps reduce the appearance of dark circles and lessens the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles! Plus easy application with the attached roller. Keep in the fridge for maximum effect!