We’ve got a plan for you!

At Relax N Tan we understand that everyone has different reasons for tanning.  Whether you are looking to get a base tan for an upcoming trip or event, or tanning for the many benefits such as Vitamin D, or like most people simply tanning to look and feel great, you’ve come to the right place!  Since everyone has different needs, we strive to offer a range of membership and package options designed to suit your individual needs.  Our prices are very competitive in the marketplace.  Bottom line is we have a package to suit your budget.  Walk in service, no appointments, and open 6 days a week!


gradient_womenUnlimited Tanning Packages

For those individuals who tan regularly, we offer a variety of packages for both regular and premium beds/stand-up booths, providing unlimited use of our tanning facilities for a predetermined block of time:

One Month
Three Months
Five Months
One Year

Discount renewal rates apply on one month packages as long as you renew on time for your second month.  Most of our packages are “pay up front”, however we also conveniently offer electronic funds transfers through your bank account or credit card.  For further details please call or visit us in store.  We also offer single walk-in tans and will provide you with a “buy 3, get 1 free” card which means your 4th tan will always be free.

Session Packages

If, like many of our clients, you prefer to purchase tan sessions that never expire and that you can use at any time, then perhaps one of our session packages may suit you.  Economic to purchase and shareable with friends or your significant other, these packages are versatile and great value.
Available for both regular and premium beds/stand-up booths, packages are offered in bundles of 12, 18 and 24 sessions and make an ideal gift!
Whether you are interested in an individual unlimited time based package or a session package which you can share with a friend or loved one, Relax N Tan has a package to suit your needs!  Drop by the salon at your convenience and we will be happy to help you.


Spray Tan Packages

Sunless tanning has become the choice of many as a reliable, fast and effective alternative to UV tanning.  We are proud to offer state of the art sunless tanning with our Mystic Tan HD Automatic Spray Tan booth.  Individual and multi-session packages are available including group discount rates.  Sessions do not expire until used.  See in store for details.


Our Tanning Equipment

SunStar 332


Regular Laydown Bed
Max Time: 20 minutes
Watts: 120 x 100
Quantity: 9
Includes: adjustable fan speed control

Solaris 542


Power Laydown Bed
Max Time: 12 minutes
Watts: 160 x 100
Quantity: 1
Includes: adjustable fan speed control and high performance facial bulbs (optional to use)


JetStar 2000


Power Laydown Bed
Max Time: 15 minutes
Watts: 160 x 100
Quantity: 1
Includes: adjustable fan speed control


SunUp Tan America


Power Stand-Up Booth
Max Time: 10 minutes
Watts: 160 x 140
Quantity: 2
Includes: adjustable stereo player and high performance facial bulbs (optional to use)


Mystic Tan HD


Spray Tan Booth
Quantity: 1
Note: the spray tan itself takes approximately one to three minutes.  You will see results instantly if you purchase the Mystic bronzing boosters; if not you will start to see results within the first hour after your application.  The solution will continue to develop for 12-24 hours.